Drop in anytime Monday – Friday between 10am to 4pm PST

Note: Drop-in hours are not currently open, they will start mid-September 2021. Please make an appointment to have a session.

Zoom link : https://berkeley.zoom.us/s/91983562241

It will prompt you to sign in with your Berkeley Zoom account (you can change your name to your initials right before joining, in order to remain anonymous).

  • Each drop-in hour starts on Berkeley time (ex: 10:10 am, 3:10pm).
  • If the counselor is already with someone, they will send you a message in the waiting room, and you may return at the next hour.
  • To reserve a spot, make an appointment on the appointments tab! Appointments are available outside of regular drop-in hours.
  • Technical issues? Email us at sspcemail@gmail.com